Aboriginal Games!


Today the Outdoor Ed group played a range of traditional aboriginal games. Tyson, Jayden and Austin had just returned from the Narmbool camp and had learnt about 3 traditional aboriginal games and shared their knowledge with the group.

Read below to learn about some of the games. Outdoor Ed boys, read and answer the questions so we can share these great games.

Tyson and Camden: WEM (Aboriginal Marbles)

Austin and Memphis: PAN (Aboriginal Swords)

Jayden and Codi: KOI (Aboriginal Ball Game)


1. What was the name of the game?
2. What equipment do you need and how do you set it up?
3. How do you play the game?
4. Why did the aboriginals play this game and what did they use?

3 thoughts on “Aboriginal Games!

  1. 1. The game that Tyson and I played was called Whem.
    2. Rocks. A bunch of rocks, two circles, one big one and one small one in the middle.
    3. A power rock is in the small circle and you try to hit the power rock with yours. If it lands on the power rock that is two points. If it is in the circle and dosen’t hit the power rock that is one point. You have to be outside the big circle when you throw.
    4. The aboriginals used rocks and they played the game for accuracy for fishing.

  2. 1.The name of the game is Koi
    2.All you need is a ball and some friends in a circle.
    3.How you play the game is you bounce it two times off the palm off you hand into the air and then pass it to another person and the they have to do it and pass it again.
    4.How they play it is first they build a ball out of kangaroos testicles or a large seed. Then you tie it up and then they start bouncing it.

  3. The name of the game was PAN.

    To set it up you need cones set up in a square and 2 soft swords or pool noodles.

    You have to try to hit your opponent below the hip and above the knee with your sword to win the game. If you take 1 foot out of the square you are still in. If you take both of your feet out of the square you are out.

    Aboriginals played this game to practice their fighting and defense. The Aboriginals used thick sticks instead of soft swords.

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