Queen Vic’ Market…here we come!

Tomorrow, Tuesday October 28, POD 2 will be visiting the Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne.

To get us ready to go we have a few tasks to complete.

Watch the video about the markets and be sure to pay attention – you will need to think of 3 things you have learnt from the video.

Complete the form below and and then click submit. The drawing aspect of the task will be completed in your scrapbooks. Good luck

Sailing by Kelly-Ann

On Thursday I went to Lake Wendouree to do sailing. I leart how to sail a boat. I had to wear a life jacket and it was orange. The weather was windy and hot. It was funny when some of the boys were doing 360’s in the water. I was in the boat with the teacher that helped us sail. I didn’t get wet. I hope I get to do it again.IMG_0090





What do you think of when you think of Australia?

Don Spencer thinks of some pretty cool Aussie things like Merino Sheep, the Barrier Reef, Crocs and thongs.

Share with us what you think of when you think of Australia.
Use the tool below which is an ‘answer garden’ and let’s see if we can grow our own little patch of Australia.

What do you think of when you think of Australia?… at AnswerGarden.ch.

Australian Symbols

This week we’re learning all about Australian Symbols.
By this we mean things that represent or stand for our country for different reasons.

This might be food, places, buildings, other objects, songs, words phrases or something else.

What do you think of when we say the word ‘Australia’?

Post a comment in the section below and we’ll update you with a photo of our amazing work soon…

Australia’s Climate

This week over in 2A we’re learning all about Australia’s climate.

We have learnt that climate is the weather conditions of an area and that Australia is very unique because it has 3 main climates across the country.

Our 3 main climates are:
Tropical and

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 8.18.29 AM

We’ve been busy learning about what each of these terms mean and looking at regions in Australia that have these climates and why.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 8.17.41 AM

Why not impress everyone you know by commenting below with a definition of one of the above climates and a place that has that climate!

We’re going to the Grampians!


Today in Outdoor Ed we spent our time setting up and checking the tents and equipment because in 2 weeks time we’re heading on our first camp to the Grampians. We will be leaving on a Wednesday, staying 2 nights in tents and doing lots of fun activities like bushwalking, bush tucker tasting, boomerang throwing, visiting the Halls Gap Zoo and coming home on the Friday. All the good work we have completed in Outdoor Ed has been in preparation for this camp. Good luck boys!

1) What are 3 things you looking forward to about camp and why?

2) What are the teachers expecting your behaviour to be like on camp?

3) Give me 2 examples of things that you are going to do on camp to be a good leader.

Money, Money

In Pod 2 this term we are perfecting our money skills. How you ask? By playing SHOPS!!!

In teams we priced a large amount of boxes that out great teachers had collected for us other the holidays (i.e. cereal boxes, tissue boxes etc). We had to think about the ‘value’ of the objects and compare the products to those we saw in catalogues.

Next we made $25.00 using a variety of Australian coins and notes. This meant that we needed to know that there are 100 cents in a dollar and all the different ways that coins and notes can make $25.00.

Finally, we put the money in our wallet and then the shop fun began! We were counting money, adding up more than one item and even calculating change!

A busy week of lots of learning but also lots of fun!
In the comments section, tell our readers one thing that you found tricky or learnt over the week.


In Pod 2 this term we are learning all about Australia.

This week, one thing that we’re learning is about Landmarks. Some thngs that we have learnt about landmarks are:

– they can be man made or natural
– they can be a building or mark on land that are important to people
– they often represent the place where they are found

Below are some photos of our work
-Big Pineapple, Queensland (drawing and plasticine)
-The Great Barrier Reef (Queensland)
-The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) (Melbourne, Victoria)

Can you think of any other landmarks in Australia?? List their name and where they are located in the comment section!

Photo 7-10-14 1 02 35 PM

Photo 7-10-14 1 03 48 PM

Photo 7-10-14 1 02 52 PM

Big Pineapple