Money, Money

In Pod 2 this term we are perfecting our money skills. How you ask? By playing SHOPS!!!

In teams we priced a large amount of boxes that out great teachers had collected for us other the holidays (i.e. cereal boxes, tissue boxes etc). We had to think about the ‘value’ of the objects and compare the products to those we saw in catalogues.

Next we made $25.00 using a variety of Australian coins and notes. This meant that we needed to know that there are 100 cents in a dollar and all the different ways that coins and notes can make $25.00.

Finally, we put the money in our wallet and then the shop fun began! We were counting money, adding up more than one item and even calculating change!

A busy week of lots of learning but also lots of fun!
In the comments section, tell our readers one thing that you found tricky or learnt over the week.

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