We’re going to the Grampians!


Today in Outdoor Ed we spent our time setting up and checking the tents and equipment because in 2 weeks time we’re heading on our first camp to the Grampians. We will be leaving on a Wednesday, staying 2 nights in tents and doing lots of fun activities like bushwalking, bush tucker tasting, boomerang throwing, visiting the Halls Gap Zoo and coming home on the Friday. All the good work we have completed in Outdoor Ed has been in preparation for this camp. Good luck boys!

1) What are 3 things you looking forward to about camp and why?

2) What are the teachers expecting your behaviour to be like on camp?

3) Give me 2 examples of things that you are going to do on camp to be a good leader.

7 thoughts on “We’re going to the Grampians!

  1. 1.The wilrlive and the food we wil hulop Mr Gest to kook.
    2.It will be a masen.
    3.Hulp hool nes hulp.
    be kind.

  2. The thing im looking forward to about camp is trying to eat emu and other animals because I want to try some new food. I am looking forward to using and trying to throw a boomerang right.

    The teachers are expecting us to be good and to be a great leader.

    The 2 things to be a good leader is to help others when they are having trouble to do something to encourage others.

  3. 1. I am looking forword to bush tucker tasting, cooking our dinners and boomerang throwing.
    2. The teachers want us to be excellent .
    3. Helping out encouraging other people and always doing the right thing.

  4. 1) I am looking forward to eating a kangaroo and crocodile.

    2) Very, very, very, very, very, good.

    3) Tent leader and cooking helper.

  5. 1. I am looking fiorward to tasting bush tucker
    and cooking our food.

    2. The teachers are looking for good leadership from us kids.

    3. listening to the teachers and halping Mr Guest or Mr Bone with the cooking.

  6. 1: I am looking forword to having a snake around my neck because I like to do dangerous things. I am also looking forword to throwing a boomarang for the first time.
    2: I think the teachers are expecting us to listen to them and do as they say.
    3 I am going to be a good leader by helping a friend when they fall and by staying together.

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