Melbourne Museum- Checking out history

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Today Pod 2 students went to the Melbourne Museum!!
Wow! It was amazing! We got to see so many things from the past… right back to the time of the dinosaurs and mega fauna, Aboriginal history, the Gold Rush, Bush Rangers, technology and even animals of today.

It was incredible and absolutely fascinating!

What was the best thing that you saw today? Why was it so good?

Why is Australia the ‘lucky country’?

What does it mean to be lucky?
Why are we lucky to be Australian?

This is a question that 2A was asked this morning and BOY was it easy to answer.

Just some of the great reasons that we came up with were:
“We created AFL”
“We have a bright, warm sun”
“We have lots of unique animals (fauna)”
“We have lots of unique plants (flora)”
“We have good schools and teachers”
“We have lots of good food compared to countries where people are starving”
“We don’t have wars”
“We have great access to doctors and medicine”

We are all very lucky to live in such a great country.

What a week!

There is a buzz in the air this morning at school…Kids arriving at school with their bikes and HUGE smiles.
The parade is due to start at 11:30pm and then we will hit the tracks and see how many laps we can do.

This week has been a great one, with all kinds of interesting and engaging activities happening at school.

Here is a quick snapshot of what has been happening this week:
– sailing on Lake Wendouree
– RACV Energy Breakthrough training
– Discovering Australia
– Aussie Animals
– Aussie Landmarks
– Famous Aussies
– Aussie inventions
– Cooking Aussie style
– exploring decimals and fractions
– at the shops
– money, money, money
– Wii racing
and so much more!

Be sure to leave a comment or ask the kids a question about their learning this week!

Great day sailing!

Great day sailing!

Wheelathon prize

Wheelathon prize

Wheel-a-thon Day – Friday, November 14

Next Friday, YPCC will be holding our annual Wheel-a-thon day.
It is a great day to celebrate keeping fit and also a great chance to possibly win a new bike, from CycleScape which is in Sturt Street, Ballarat.

For each $10.00 you raise you will receive a raffle ticket to be in the draw to win the bike.

Good luck and be sure to watch out for future posts about the wheel-a-thon.

We’re off to the Zoo!

On Tuesday, November 4th, POD 2 are off to the Werribee Zoo as part of our unit ‘Why is Australia the Lucky Country?’

Your task before we go is to have a think about what animals are uniquely Australian?

Choose one of these unique animals and think of 3 questions that you want answered on our trip to the Zoo tomorrow!

This video might help: Baby Koalas
Map- Werribee Zoo