Melbourne Museum- Checking out history

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Today Pod 2 students went to the Melbourne Museum!!
Wow! It was amazing! We got to see so many things from the past… right back to the time of the dinosaurs and mega fauna, Aboriginal history, the Gold Rush, Bush Rangers, technology and even animals of today.

It was incredible and absolutely fascinating!

What was the best thing that you saw today? Why was it so good?

2 thoughts on “Melbourne Museum- Checking out history

  1. The best thing I saw today was the excitement as the students were able to walk around and explore. Many students found it funny as they couldn’t believe what life was like many years ago. Jayden O sitting on a drop toilet, Garath trying to change the channel on the black and white TV and Makayla’s eagerness to find images of family members in the “First Australians” section. What a great day.

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