Looking For Crabs – Ella

I absolutely loved the book looking for crabs.

I loved the book because it was really funny and it was funny because the family was looking for crabs but they couldn’t find any but there were hundreds of crabs.

The little boy didn’t know that he was sitting on a HUGE CRAB that was half under water and the top of the shell was were the boy was sitting.

The characters were: Mum, Dad, the little boy and a little girl with a bucket and spade.

I havent finished yet but it is a work in progress.

Looking For Crabs- By Alyssa :D

I loved the book Looking For Crabs.

I loved it because the author made it look like to the characters that there were no crabs on the beach, but there was thousands of crabs hiding in plan sight. In one scene, the little boy was looking under a rock because his father had told him crabs like hiding under rocks but it turned out there was a GIANT crab and guess what…the little boy was on top of the GIANT CRAB!!!

I drew a picture of a scene from the book with the help of a Korean student named (Australian name) Emily. She came all the way from Korea with other Korean students to stay at YPCC with the pod2 students and the pod 3 students, for 3 whole weeks!!