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Listen to our PODCASTS – Author of the week

Each week at YPCC we will feature on of our amazing new authors as their share their stories with you.

We would love you to leave some feedback for our authors and maybe ask some questions?


This week’s story is titled, ‘The Spirit – Part 1’ and is the first of a current three episode series.

Our author this week has a great imagination and uses all he knows from reading a range of books to help him write.

We hope you enjoy – The Spirit part one – click  play here:

6 thoughts on “Author of the week – listen in!

  1. Wow! I loved the expression you used when you were reading … I could really feel the ‘crash’. Can’t wait to hear part 2 next week.
    Well done to our mystery author !!

  2. Wow… What a fantastic story and brilliantly read. The spirit ‘part 1’… Oh I can’t wait for ‘part 2’. What fantastic things you are doing in Pod 2.

    • Part 2 is coming out on Monday 4th of May. And i’m still making stories for everyone! So another story is coming out on the 5th of May! And it’s going to be the newest book of the week! So, I hope you liked the “Spirit part 1”. I hope you will listen to my next story! See Ya

  3. I’m still making stories for everyone and I am making stories everyday. So..yeah…my arms hurt so much when I write! But it’s worth it!
    I’m making my next story it’s called “The night with the unknown 3!” I thank you for liking my stories! See ya

  4. Loved hearing your story and the imagery in your writing! You had great expression in your reading and we can’t wait to hear you read the next chapter.
    Keep up the great work!

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