Australian Challenge

Below is a grid of activities of which you need to choose three (3) of the options to complete.

At YPCC we aim always to do our best in everything we do… so the challenge is set.

Each of the tasks will need to be completed  and either saved into your student folder or placed into your readers notebook.

Prime Ministers Walk 

List the Prime Ministers in order since 1901

Our Flag 

Design a new Flag for Australia – what do you think should be on our flag

Heroes of the Air


Explore the flights of Charles Kingsford Smith, takes notes and write a description to teach others about his flights

The Enterprise on the Murray 

Explore life on the Murray River – present your findings in a Powerpoint

Australian Animal 

Research and Australian Animal and create a Powerpoint that would teach visitors to Australia all about them

Who am I? 

Create a ‘Who am I’ about a famous Australian


Australian History Timeline 

Can you connect the dates?

Create a Collage 

Design a collage with Australian images relating to places, animals, food and people

Word Find – Solve one and then create your own using names of Australian townsAussie Slang Wordsearch