Travelling is a great way to learn… tell us what you have been learning.

This term we are travelling around the world.

Click the comment button and write about where you have been, what you have enjoyed and what you have learnt. Where would you like to go to next?

18 thoughts on “Travelling is a great way to learn… tell us what you have been learning.

  1. This week I have learnt about China. In China they have lanterns and they eat their food (which can be rice) with chopsticks. I would like to go to south America.

  2. I like our around the world trip. It was fun to doing things about China, like making laterns, drawing dragonsand eating food. I made fried rice with my friends I think this is a good idea!

  3. I had a great time I China – it was really nice when we where on the airplane. I learnt about being safe on the airplane and we had food and watched a video about China. The great Wall of China is very long. We has Asian sald and drew a dragon.

  4. I would like to go back to China as it was so much fun learning about China. We made an Asian salad ,fried rice and we ate fortune cookies. We drew a Chinese dragon. We coloured the dragons we drew. We learnt about the Terroacotta warriors and we made a Chinese lanterns.
    We learnt about the Great Wall of China and we learnt that dragons are good luck in China.

  5. I had a great time in China. China is the best and the food was good. I had fun learning about China.
    I had fun in the plane and learning about safety on the plane. Drawing a dragon was easier than I thought We ate Asian Salad and Fried rice and they were yum.

  6. We went to China. We learnt about Chinese people. They speak Chinese language. I learnt how to draw a Chinese dragon. It was hard but I did a good job! I coloured mine in black, red, yellow, blue and brown. We ate Chinese ricortune cookies and asian salad. They made the great wall to keep the Mongolians out. They built statues of warriors to protect them when they died. The warriors had lots of details and they were all different.
    I would like to go to Perth to see my uncles and cousins. I think Perth would be nice and sunny.

  7. We learnt About China and we noticed they talked Chinese. We ate Chinese rice and we had a fortune cookie. Inside the cookie was a bit of paper that said that the ‘class would believe in me’. I drew a dragon instead of making lanterns. I went cooking and we cooked pikelets with cream and jam. On Thursday some people went fishing and I got a nibble but it got away.

  8. We learnt about China and we were able to eat rice. We made Chinese dragons and Chinese lanterns. China is in the continent of Asia. The capital city of China is Beijing. They speak Chinese. We had fortune cookies.
    I would like to to to Madagascar because it has rain forests and waterfalls and lots of interesting animals.

  9. I have never been to China, I hear it is an amazing place to visit. I hope many of you get the chance to travel over to China and visit all the great sights you are learning about. Maybe you could pack me in your suitcase and take me with you.

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