Party Time in Pod 2D 

It was Anas’ last day at YPCC today (whaaa) . We had a party for him and said our goodbyes. We are very sad to see him go. Good luck Anas, we will miss you heaps. Keep in touch!! 

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    • Hi Anas,
      I’m having a great holiday thanks. How is your holiday going? Are you all packed for your big adventure? Now remember to keep us up to date with where you are and what you are doing in Iraq, because we sure are going to miss you.
      Safe travels

    • Oh good! Have you got your 2 books we gave you to take on the plane? You will have to give them both a rating for us and let us know if you liked them.
      Safe travels Anas. Let us know when you arrive in Iraq. Please keep in touch with us.

  1. Hi sandy how is your holiday going mine is going great because next weekend we are going to Melbourne to stay in a motel in Docklands and we are going to Luna park and on Saturday we are going to our little cousin’s birthday party and the next day it is billy’s baptism and on the week after we are going to the footy to watch Footscray and saint kilda play.

    • Hi Charli,
      nice to hear form you. My holiday is going way too quick. It is almost over now. Sounds like you have been out and about a lot making the most of your holiday. How was Luna Park? Who won that game of footy you went to and who were you barracking for?
      Ok, I’ll see you Tuesday. We might start off with the writer’s shuffle- what do you think?

  2. Hi sandy Badnews and good news good news I’m in my cnchry bad news my sisters passport Was ixpierd and my IPad was in my bag and the books and I codul not take the books so me and mum traveld .

  3. Hi Anas,
    great to hear from you. Glad you have arrived safely. So is you sister still in Australia with your Dad?

    How was your flight over?
    Did you get read your books at all?

    How are you finding Iraq? Is it hot? We have had more snow here in Ballarat.
    Are you in school yet?
    We are learning about the Olympics this Term. Pod 2 D are going to be Iraq and the other home groups have chosen countries too. We will keep you posted.
    Sandy & P2D

    • Hi sandy my dad is there i have not red enei books and i am not in a shool yet because it is the holedes iv got a pfone and Tusday my dad comes bake but hell go bake and it is hot and can i spek to boyd by by ill toke to you later and its niht time

  4. Hi Anas how are you going? we are missing you. Are you at your school yet? we have learning about your country we have learnt lots

    From bella

  5. Hi Sandy I’ve found a school and it’s great but if I fail it’s bad then I go to an arebik school AND GO TEAM IRAQ!!!!!!!!!!!

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