19 thoughts on “Hi Anas!

  1. Hi Anas, hows Iraq? pod2D is reprezenting your country in our olympics. Guess what I got a silver medal in javaline. i hope you pass and don’t go to another school because you cant speek the langage. Have you made any friends yet? If so what are there names?

    from Cheyne

    • Hi Chole you spelt a word wrong and you need to put caps at the start of a sentence and at the starts of names to peace out

  2. hi Anas, it is Seth here. How are you?
    How is your school?
    What do you do at school? Do you have Ipads
    and computers?
    Is your dad there yet ?
    Guess what???
    I’m getting a dog soon. I can’t wait !!!!!!!!
    from Seth

  3. Hi Anas I have some bad & good news to share ok.

    The bad news is im moving to Wadonga & the good news is ill try to catch up with you.

    From Charli Vernon

  4. Okay charle that’s bad but I hope you have a good time there. Hi guys there’s a app called SHAREit and the way I spelled it spell that way and doled ok and you can send stuff like games pictures.

  5. Hi sandy HOW’S every one. I go to Sebastpol primary school. Guess who is at my school? Tiarni! CAN YOU SAY HI TO KAYLA PLEASE

    • Ohhhhhhhhh Hi Bella. How are you? So good to hear from you. I will say “Hi” to Kayla for you. You say “Hi” to Tiarni from me.
      So how is your new school? I bet you are doing lots of great things and are making lots of new friends.
      Thanks for chatting to us. Take care.
      Sandy & Pod 2D

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