Biological Science

This term in the STEAM room we are learning about plants and insects and are wondering, are they friends or are they foes?

Our goals this term is to learn some ‘scientific words’ that will help us to understand and to explain to others what we are learning.

So here is your challenge – Can you unscramble these words that we have learnt so far? Click on the comment section to add your answers.

  1. lerwfo
  2. esesd
  3. flea
  4. tegreainm
  5. rtehna
  6. ylste
  7. tmilfeat
  8. tplea
  9. lptnloiaino
  10. tpisil

If  you are up to another challenge, see if you can help these plants grow!



11 thoughts on “Biological Science

  1. dear Trish, i know what there all are
    1 flower
    2 seeds
    3 leaf
    4 germinate
    5 anther
    6 style
    7 filament
    8 petal
    9 pollination
    10 pistal

    Trish i completed the challenge

  2. To Trish
    I found out the words and here they are.
    1.flower 5.anther 9.pollination
    2.seeds 6.Style 10.pistail
    3.leaf 7.filament
    4.germinate 8.petal

  3. Dear Trish
    I have completed your challenge.

    .10Pistil from Tyreece

  4. Dear Trish
    I know the words.
    1 flower 2. seeds 3.leaf 4.germination 5. anther 6. style 7. filament 8. petal 9. pollInatinon 10. pistil

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