Cottage Camp Grp 1

Grade 3 & 4 students from Pod 2A and some from Pod 2C went to Cottage by the sea this week. Pod 2B and more of 2c will arrive today. 

Here are a few questions for you all to answer ..

1. Tell me what you found in the sandpit , if anything?

2. What was the best thing about the new playground?

3. Did you like the food?

4. Who can remember where we went rock pooling?

5. Tell me your most favourite thing about Cottage Camp.

Remember to post your first name only .

Here are a few pics from our fun times at Cottage.

22 thoughts on “Cottage Camp Grp 1

  1. Looked like fun Sandy but I’m really looking forward to the grade 5 camp. So is Akasha. I hope you had a great time at camp.

    From Charli

  2. Hi guys I hope that you had a fun time at camp I’m all missing you what did you do at camp?? I went to camp on last week the camp that I went to it is called Costel forest loge Angelse I had a great time there and there were kangaroos they had joyes I’m missing Kayla so much I miss you guys and the teachers from Isabella Hartup

  3. Hi Isabella how is your new school? have you got any friends if you do what are there names? and what did you do at your camp?

    From Charli your old friend

      • Hi Bella what are your friends names?
        and Bella, guess what? In choir we learnt a new song called “Hoolayo” and everyone loves it! We also learnt the chicken song… its really cool and I’m also in JTC to so is Kasie, Carman, Akasha and Kira.


  4. Hi Sandy looking forward to going back to school on Tuesday and mum was wondering when grade 5 camp is. Im pretty sure that its the second week of school oh well we will find out on the note.

  5. Hi Sandy guess what i’m going to do with the bags we got today i’m going to use them for grade 5 camp in 3 weeks

  6. Hi sandy i got the results last night and my fingers are not sprained there broken so i have to ware a bandage on for 4 weeks even at camp so i cant go swimming on a Friday.

  7. Hi Sandy i just finished packing for camp and i’m so existed just can’t wait for camp all i need to do now is sit down and watch harry potter with Nan.


  9. Hi Sandy guess what i just got a new Fidget Spinner a glow in the dark it’s purple to and just can’t wait for it.

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™

  10. Hi Sandy i just got a new fidget spinner a purple glow in the dark can’t wait

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Sandy a busy weekend this Sunday because I have performance and i’m so nervous but I know i will do great. I will be so tired on Monday as well.

  12. Hi Sandy just finished my performance and i’m so tired i started at 8.30 and finished at 4.00 most was stretching but otherwise it was performing.

    • Wow Charli, you must be tired. Hopefully you will get a good nights rest tonight.
      Well done on your performance.

      See you tomorrow!

  13. Hey Sandy can’t wait for school on Monday but i just wanted to say i’m not moving to Benella so i’m coming back to school

    Thanks Charli

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