The Fresh Food Ladies Visit Pod 2

Today Caroline and Teesha from the Melbourne Fresh Food Market came and spoke to the Pod 2 students. They gave us lots of information about fruit, fruit growers, wholesalers and what they do. They spoke about how to store our fruit and vegetables and the good bugs that help our fruit grow. We learnt about the difference between a  fruit and a vegetable and a herb. Did you know that a banana is actually a herb? We all should be eating at least 2 serves of fruit a day and 5 serves of vegetables to keep our bodies healthy.We got to sample some of the yummy fruits and vegetables at the end too. YUM!!!






What did you learn today?

What was your favourite fruit or vegetable to try?

What can you do to help keep your body and mind healthy?

3 thoughts on “The Fresh Food Ladies Visit Pod 2

  1. What I learned today is that in 28 days your taste buds will like or dislike what you had 28 days before. My favourite fruit and vegetable was the celery and avocado dip. What I can do to keep my mind and body healthy is eat healthy foods to keep strong.

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