Welcome to the new year.

This term we are exploring ‘Our Community’. What makes up a community and what we need to make a safe and strong community.

Today we were lucky enough to have some members from our sporting community come and visit.

Tom and Bailey from the Western Bulldogs came and ran a clinic in the gym and then after lunch the guys came in and did a question and answer. Read below to see what the kids thought of the visit.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the new year.

  1. Hi these are two answers that Tom Boyd and Bailey Williams were asked. Question one: Have you played soccer? Tom’s answer:mainly played basketball, Bailey’s answer:have played soccer. Question two:what did you have for breakfast? Tom’s answer:berries and yogurt,Bailey’s answer:baked beans and eggs.

  2. Today Tom and Bailey came in. They are from the Western Bulldogs and play in some professional games. We asked them lots of questions and they gave us lots of good answers.

  3. Today it was so fun the Western Bulldogs players came. We asked some questions like what they eat for lunch is fruit then we ask how many they play games. Then we asked when you play football.

  4. Today two Bulldog AFL Football players came in to do a clinic and a question and answer session. Their names are Tom and Bailey. A lot of kids asked funny questions and got funny answers. I hope we do it again next year.

  5. Today I met the Bulldogs Read people and Bailey and Tom from the Bulldogs came into our Pod to answeer our questions. They were really nice and very tall they gave as treats .

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