Hello Pod 2

Hello Pod 2 staff and students.

And a special BIG HELLO to Pod 2A!

How are you all?

How is Term 3 going? My Term 3 is going very

well. I am currently in my third country- Portugal.

I started my journey in Germany 🇩🇪 then travelled

to Morocco 🇲🇦 and am now in Portugal 🇵🇹. It has

been hot in every country but Morocco was really

hot. Most days it was about 45 degrees there.

I am loving Portugal at the moment and am

eating lots of Portuguese tarts- 😋

I hope you’re all working hard, having fun

and doing a great job with everything .

Here are a few pics from my travels.

From Sandy

This is the library in the Harry Potter movie . This is

in the place I am in now, Porto in Portugal.

A Camel ride in the Sahara Desert.

A very old castle in Germany