We’re going to the Grampians!


Today in Outdoor Ed we spent our time setting up and checking the tents and equipment because in 2 weeks time we’re heading on our first camp to the Grampians. We will be leaving on a Wednesday, staying 2 nights in tents and doing lots of fun activities like bushwalking, bush tucker tasting, boomerang throwing, visiting the Halls Gap Zoo and coming home on the Friday. All the good work we have completed in Outdoor Ed has been in preparation for this camp. Good luck boys!

1) What are 3 things you looking forward to about camp and why?

2) What are the teachers expecting your behaviour to be like on camp?

3) Give me 2 examples of things that you are going to do on camp to be a good leader.

Aboriginal Games!


Today the Outdoor Ed group played a range of traditional aboriginal games. Tyson, Jayden and Austin had just returned from the Narmbool camp and had learnt about 3 traditional aboriginal games and shared their knowledge with the group.

Read below to learn about some of the games. Outdoor Ed boys, read and answer the questions so we can share these great games.

Tyson and Camden: WEM (Aboriginal Marbles)

Austin and Memphis: PAN (Aboriginal Swords)

Jayden and Codi: KOI (Aboriginal Ball Game)


1. What was the name of the game?
2. What equipment do you need and how do you set it up?
3. How do you play the game?
4. Why did the aboriginals play this game and what did they use?

Bushwalking In Creswick

Today the Outdoor Ed group made their way to Creswick’s St George Lake. Upon arrival we headed east to the Koala park and attempted to find some Koala’s. Unfortunately we didn’t find any of the sleepy animals in the trees although we had a good time following The Goldfields Walking Track through the bush.


Please reflect on this morning’s journey and answer the following questions:

1. What direction did we travel from Ballarat to get to Creswick? (Hint, you may have to use google maps to find out)

2. What was the St George’s Lake and Eason’s Dam used for originally?

3. The Koala Park was built in 1942 for a few reasons. What were they?

4. Can you name the types of tree’s that koala’s live in, and also what type of leaves they eat?

Good work boys!


Mrs S and Mr Guest and working with tessellations as part of their maths rotations.

A tessellation (or tiling) is when we cover a surface with a pattern or flat shapes so that there are no gaps or overlaps.

Use the following website to explore tessellations with polygons (2d shapes with straight lines and no gaps) and create a tessellating pattern:

Tessellation activity

What polygons fit perfectly to create a tessellation?

Do some polygons work with others to create a tessalting pattern? e.g. does a triangle tesselate with a rectangle?

Enjoy exploring and leave a reply at the bottom of this blog about what you find!


Fitness at Lake Wendouree

IMG_0881Today the Outdoor Ed group and Mr Guest spent the morning working on our fitness at Lake Wendouree. Soon we will be going on camp so to get our fitness levels up to scratch we attempted to walk and job the lake. We ran 500m and then walked 500m. All up we completed 4km’s of efforts. Well done.

Boys, here’s a few questions about today’s activity:

1: Give me an example of some of the encouragement you heard today from other members of our group.
2: Do you think you need to improve your fitness? Why or why not?
3: Next time do you think you can complete a full lap of the lake?
4: Who was the track we ran around named after? and why is he famous?Lake Fitness

Pax Hill Orienteering

IMG_0765Today the Outdoor Ed group travelled to Pax Hill to have a go at orienteering in the bush. The boys had to use maps to navigate their way around the Pax Hill bush in small teams and find the hidden markers. After completing the orienteering we were lucky enough to explore the site and have a go at the challenge course and the mine.
A great morning had by all!

Boys, a few questions:

1. What was the hardest part of orienteering in the bush?
2. What did you enjoy most about orienteering?
3. What was the most enjoyable thing you did at Pax Hill?
4. Who do you think demonstrated good leadership skills at Pax Hill and why?

Orienteering In Outdoor Ed

Today the boys from Outdoor Ed had their first go at orienteering. Once the boys got the hang of using a map they did really well to complete the course set up around the school.

For people who may not know what orienteering is about, have a go at answering these questions:

1: What is orienteering?
2: What was the hardest part about completing the course?
3: Next week we are going to Pax Hill to do some orienteering in the bush. What are the 2 things you are looking forward to most about this excursion?

Good job boys!

Shape’s In Pod 2 Maths

In term 3 we have all had the chance to build and explore shapes with Mr Guest, Mrs S and Ashley.

Polygons, prisms, pyramids, 3d shapes, 2d shapes, pentagons, hexagons, faces, edges, vertices and many more!

Today is your chance to explore the following shape websites and expand your knowledge of shapes!

3D shapes

Shape Splat

3D Concentration

3D Earth Explore

3D Shapes 2

3D Shapes Games