Outdoor Ed – The Importance Of Trees

National Tree Day

This week many students from YPCC travelled by bus to Windemere to take part in planting trees for National Tree Planting Day.
Being part of the Outdoor Ed team we spend a lot of time surrounded by trees, but what exactly do they do? They do more than simply make the environment look great!
Outdoor Ed team visit this website: http://www.ecokids.ca/pub/eco_info/topics/forests/index.cfm and answer the following questions:
1.What are the benefits of trees?
2. What is the main threat to our forests in Australia?
3. Name 2 interesting facts that you found on the Ecokids website.

Keep up the great work guys!

Outdoor Ed!

The boys!

During Term 2 the Outdoor Ed boys group has had lots of fantastic adventures. We had had the opportunity to take part in team building and fitness challenges, go rock climbing, climb up Mount Buninyong, team activities at Vic Park and many more.

For the boys in the group I have a few questions….
1. What has been the most enjoyable part of Outdoor Ed for you so far?
2. What has been the most challenging part of Outdoor Ed for you?

Keep up the great work boys!

Lego Robotics

Last Friday a group of students from pod 2 and 3 at YPCC went to the Earth Education Centre to participate in a Lego Robotics competition.
We had a great time and versed lots of teams from other Ballarat schools.
We won some rounds and lost others but the battles were great.
We now know how to improve our robots so that they will more faster.
What did you think of the day?
Why should other students have a go at Lego Robotics?

Outdoor Ed Term 2!

Mount Buninyong

Throughout Term 2 a group of adventurous boys from Pod 2 took part in the YPCC Outdoor Ed program. The boys worked towards improving their teamwork and social skills, fitness levels and increasing their knowledge of camping, the environment and the outdoors. The boys worked extremely well on such activities as teamwork challenges, problem solving challenges, fitness activities at Victoria Park and around Lake Wendouree, setting up tents and pushing their limits rock climbing.
The final challenge for the term was to be completing a 3 day camp in the Grampians near Halls Gap, although due to the wild weather this has had to be postponed until term 3.

Well done to all the boys involved and keep up the great work next term!

Mr Guest

Earth Ed at Mount Clear!

Yesterday Pod2 A, and Pod2 B last week, were lucky enough to visit Mount Clear Secondary and participate in the Earth Education program. After taking part in science each week this term at school, we were able to use our skills to learn more about what lies beneath our feet! The morning session focused on the earth’s surface, rocks and the types of erosion and weathering that takes place. In the afternoon we had a great time learning about fossils and discovered all about Dinosaurs!

See if you can answer the quiz in the Photopeach below

Earth Ed on PhotoPeach

Jemimah, Jordon and Calvin get hands on with rocks

The students listen closely about the different types of products that are made using the earths materials.

After a scavenger hunt the class performed experiments to work out the names and properties of a number of different rocks.

Here the students search for dinosaur bones.

Bike Education!

Each Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon Pod 2 students are lucky enough to take part in Bike Ed with Mr Bone.

In today’s class everyone had the chance to practice their skills at riding in formation, riding in and out of cones and keeping control over rough surfaces during an obstacle course and screen checking over their shoulders whilst riding.

The aim of each class is to improve the students riding confidence and to improve their knowledge of bike safety and road rules.

Today was extra special as we had 2 students who had never ridden a bike solo achieve their first unassisted ride and without the aid of training wheels. Well done!

Keep up the good work Pod 2 students and Mr Bone!

Maths Cube Investigations!

For maths investigations we get to choose 1 of 3 different activities. One of the activities this week was all about investigating what shapes make a cube and what different net shapes can be made when the cube is flattened out.

The students found out that there are 11 different net shapes that can be made from a cube! Can you think of and draw all 11 different net shapes? Have a go!

Grade 5 Major League Sports Day!

Last Friday the 1st of March the grade 5 students from Pod 2 and the Pod 3 students were lucky enough to take part in a fun day out at Major League Sports.

The day was run by year 11 and 12 students from the Ballarat SEDA program. The day was a great success with everyone taking part in a fun range of sports that included futsal, cricket, netball, kickball and beach volleyball.

Thanks must go to Mr Grills and the Ballarat SEDA students for organising a great day!