Team Lego

Throughout Term 3 a group of students have been working hard on creating and inventing things out of Lego.

Below you will find a slideshow with Lego creations our team is quite proud of.

Our Lego on PhotoPeach

Lego Team
Our subscribers are probably very interested to know about your hard work.
In the comments section please let them know:
1. What your creation is
2. Why you made it (what inspired you)
3. Any extra information you’d like to share

Asian Language Festival

Today students from pod 2 who have shown a keen interest in Korean got to visit the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne and participate in an Asian Language Festival with other schools from across the state.

We were taken on a quick tour of the Art Gallery before settling down to watch a performance of Asian dances.

It was a great day and everyone took home something new.

Tyler “I learnt that on when dragons are on Chinese clothing, the more claws the dragon has, the more powerful the person is.”
Lochlan “I learnt were the Art Gallery is in Melbourne.”
Jack “My favourite thing was the Vietnamese Buddhist dance that we saw at the end. It was calming.”
Zavier “I learnt about all the strange art work.”
Leah “I liked watching all the different dances.”

Asian Language Festival on PhotoPeach

Watermelons and Seeds


Over the past week or so we’ve been talking a lot about watermelon ideas and seed ideas when we’re brainstorming for our writing.
Here is a bit of a reminder:

watermelon v seed

watermelon v seed

Now to test your skills…
Use this Padlet to think of a watermelon idea, a seed idea and three events that might happen within this idea. You might even want to use this seed to grow your next writing topic……

Happy Book Day!!


Today is Multi-Age Book Day at YPCC.

It is when the whole school comes together and works in multi age groups to read new and exciting books and do a fun activity.

Book Day on PhotoPeach

What was the best book that you celebrated today?
Who was the author?
Why was it your favourite book?

Walk to School Poster Competition

walk to school month

October is Walk to School month. That means that from the very first day of term 3
Victorian primary school students and their families are encouraged to walk to and from school, building healthy habits for life.

The City of Ballarat are inviting all primary school students to design a poster for the 2014 program BUT; there is a catch-it closes this afternoon. That means that you only have TODAY to design your poster.

The challenge:

  • Design a poster showing us why you think it’s good to walk to school
  • Your poster can be A4 or A3 in size.
  • You can NOT use a computer. Only pencils, textas or crayons.
  • You must write your name and age group (5-8) or (9-12)

To find out more:Walk to school webpage

or to find out prize details:

Need some ideas?

Triangles and Colours Challenge

In Pod 2 we’re looking at different combinations by making triangles with different coloured icy pole sticks.

Today we worked with three different colors and had to find out how many different colour combinations we could come up with. It was fun and a big challenge.
One of the hardest things about the challenge was proving our final answer, it required a lot of problem solving.

The four main things we learnt on the first day of the challenge is:
1.To rotate our triangles to make sure that we don’t have doubles.
2.To colour code to make sure we don’t have doubles.
3.That it is important to work with your team and not take over.
4.To remember to count how many we have before moving on to a harder challenge.

Triangles and Colours on PhotoPeach

Train that Brain

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 6.27.49 PM
Ever heard of a brain gym?
Well here it is, a website that allows you to warm up and workout that brain and get it in tip top shape for learning!

The link below will take you to my favorite game:
What was there?
BUT there are a number of games to choose from and get that brain toned and terrific.
Feel free to explore all the games and let us know which one is your favourite.

Angles, Angles and more Angles

In Pod 2 we’ve been learning all about angles.
Now that we know all the different types of angles we’re moving on up and having a go at estimating and measuring all the different types using a tool called a protractor.

Below are a couple of great interactive games to help us learn how to estimate and measure angles.

Alien Kung Fu-Basic
Homework play
Alien Angles

What game did you choose to play?
Was it easy or hard? Why?

Sovereign Hill


Our lucky Grade 5s just had a two day experience at Sovereign Hill!!

Grade 5s, using the 5ws (when, where, what, who and why) and the how let everyone know all about your experience.

Would you recommend Sovereign Hill to a friend? Why, why not?