Equine program by Tyler

Today me, Lochlan,Camden and Riley went the equine program and my horse was Maddi and she was gentle. She was light brown and white and we went for a little walk around safety cones and next week we will have a big walk.

I liked it!

Equine program by Riley


Today I went to the Equine program. It goes for ten weeks. We got to pick a horse. My horse’s name is Mea.  When we got there Emily she told us about horses. After that, we went in the pen and then we took the horses for a walk and we got to pat them. I was feeling happy and it was fun.

Equine program by Lochlan


Today Tyler, Riley, Cam and me got to choose our horses and we had to walk the horses around the pen.  We had a good time. At first I was scared but then I got used to the horse. We had to pat them on the neck and on the nose and the middle of their head. It was scary but we were safe.

Equine Program by Camden


Today we went to ELEA.

We got to chose our own horse to use for the ten weeks. My horse was named ‘January Jones’ and she nibbled on my thumb and sucked my fingers. She was a really good horse and she’s mine for the rest of the Equine program.We had hot chocolates and had sausages. I had a really good time and I’m happy that I’m in it.


Author of the week – listen in!

Listen to our PODCASTS – Author of the week

Each week at YPCC we will feature on of our amazing new authors as their share their stories with you.

We would love you to leave some feedback for our authors and maybe ask some questions?


This week’s story is titled, ‘The Spirit – Part 1’ and is the first of a current three episode series.

Our author this week has a great imagination and uses all he knows from reading a range of books to help him write.

We hope you enjoy – The Spirit part one – click  play here:

Sailing by Kelly-Ann

On Thursday I went to Lake Wendouree to do sailing. I leart how to sail a boat. I had to wear a life jacket and it was orange. The weather was windy and hot. It was funny when some of the boys were doing 360’s in the water. I was in the boat with the teacher that helped us sail. I didn’t get wet. I hope I get to do it again.IMG_0090





Cooking today with Melissa by Tyler

Photo 1-08-2014 12 49 00 pm

Photo 1-08-2014 11 53 47 am

Photo 1-08-2014 11 53 35 am

Photo 1-08-2014 1 01 25 pmToday I went to cooking.
We measured out flour, grated carrots and zucchini and then we had to mix it together with some cheese.
We put some indian yoghurt and cracked in some eggs into a bowl – we whisked this together and then we added this to the flour mixture.

A handy hint when you make muffins is to not stir the mixture too much.

I am going to give my muffins to dad.

The Trumpet of the Swan – the story so far by Liam

We are reading a lot of stories this term and are really enjoying thinking about them.

We have been looking at the pictures and why the illustrator makes them look the way the are and how the author uses different words to make their story interesting.

So far we have read a few books by Margaret Wild, including ‘Old Pig’ and ‘Tanglewood’. These were both pretty sad books.

We have also begun to read an really interesting book by and author named, E.B. White. The story is called, ‘The Trumpet of the Swan’ and he also wrote the book, ‘Charlotte’s Web’.

Today we spent some time writing in our ‘Readers/Writers notebook’ about the story so far. Check out Liam’s writing and illustrations. Well done, Liam.

The trumpet of the swan
There were five cygnets and one of them was called Louis and he couldn’t talk like the others but he grew fast.
The mum and dad swans have very special names. The dad’s name is called a Cob and the mum’s name is a Swan.

Sam’s dad is named Mr Beaver.
Sam asked some questions like, ‘why does a fox bark?’ and ‘why do swans build a nest?’
Sam goes on a lot of adventures with his Dad on a plane.
The Cob stays in the water most of the time.
A fox wanted to eat the Swan but Sam save the Swan by throwing a stick at it!
The Cob is a real chatterbox!
The little boy, Sam, wrote in his journal everyday.
One of the little swans (cygnets) pulled on Sam’s shoelace.

Sam liked watching the trumpeter swans.

Sam liked watching the trumpeter swans.

Lego Robotics

Last Friday a group of students from pod 2 and 3 at YPCC went to the Earth Education Centre to participate in a Lego Robotics competition.
We had a great time and versed lots of teams from other Ballarat schools.
We won some rounds and lost others but the battles were great.
We now know how to improve our robots so that they will more faster.
What did you think of the day?
Why should other students have a go at Lego Robotics?