The sorting hat

The sorting hat


I am respectful because I listen to my friends and the teachers when they speak.

I am helpful because I help the teachers clean up.

I am honest because if I get in trouble I tell the truth.

I am caring because if someone is angry I will ask him if he wanted to play with me.

I am nice because if someone is shy I will go play a game with them.


I am Austin.


The person I admire is Mr. Guest because he is fit and strong and funny. On the inside of him he is brave, nice, fit, kind, helpful, active, caring, clever and respectful.



Who am I?

We have been learning about what makes special. We watched Harry Potter and Sid from Toy Story to help us think about what people are like.

Today we did our own sorting hat.

This is what I am like on the inside:

Brave, smart, kind, chatter box, strong, fun, funny, friendly and courageous.

I made a wordle about me.
Tyler Gr 3

typing up my traits my wordle tyler's hat




Division rules – what I learnt today

I was successful on mathletics today doing the divisibility rules tasks. I used Google to search for divisibility rules.

I found out that all even numbers are divisible by 2.

I found out that if you add up the digits in a number and that new number can be divided by 3 then it is divisible by 3.

For example: 316 = 3 + 1 + 6 = 10 so can you divide 10 by 3 with no remainder? The answer is NO, so 316 IS NOT divisble by 3.

lets try 912. So, 912 = 9 + 1 + 2 = 12 – can you divide 12 by 3. The answer is YES. So you can divide 914 by 3 and the answer is 304.

You can find the divisibility rules here.

By Tom and Trish


Michael Jordan – Ethan

Michael Jordan


 My name is Ethan. When I grow up I want to be just like Michael Jordan.  I really look up to him. He is my favourite player. I have been doing a lot of work on Michael Jordan. The projects that Tim and I have been learning about are his life and his hobbies.


We also have been doing a math’s project where we shoot from the free throw line 10 times over 10 rounds. Then we graphed our results. I beat my helper Tim easily! We have been watching couple of videos too. We have  been seeing Michael Jordan slam dunk. I did a movie review on Space Jam. So that’s what I been learning about.

I’ve added some pictures of my work.

Eric the sheep – a math investigation

This week in maths we learnt about a cheeky, impatient sheep called Eric.
Eric jumped two sheep when the shearer took one to shear.
We found out how many sheep got shorn before Eric.
We used counters and toy sheep to act out the story and get the answer.
We wrote our answers in a table and saw a pattern. The pattern was in three’s.
Then we made a pictograph with little sheep.
I liked how we used the toy sheep. Emily
I liked acting out how Eric jumped over two sheep at a time. Chloe
I liked acting it out on the floor and being a sheep. Dakota
I liked drawing the pictogrpah and acting it out. Jemimah

Battle of the BANDS


Yuille Park Battle of the Bands – Friday March 22

There will be a Battle of the Bands (girls vs. boys) fundraiser to help the costs for Pod3 camps and excursion’s so they are not so expensive.
DATE: Friday 22nd March
TIME: 12-1pm
Sausage $1.50
Donuts $1.50
There will be face painting and live music.
$1.00 for 2 colours
$1.50 for 3 colours

Face Painting available –

And guess what the live music is free.

Check out these great posters

Last week the students in POD 2 were given the challenge of creating a poster to show the rules and other information relating to the video of the new and exciting game, AFL 9s.

Most of our students made a great start with the task so I thought I’d share a few examples so you have an idea of what you can do. Congratulations to Warren, Chloe and Cory for having your work featured on the blog.

Chloe C

I’m looking forward to seeing the posters the rest of the POD creates.