Literacy Links

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Story Starter
Make a SPLASH!
Let’s make interesting sentences
Scary stories
NO more BORING sentences
Searching for words
Make a digital story book
Car crash … can you finish the story?
What’s your point of view?

Grammar video links:

metaphors – quick as a cricket

At YPCC we love to use technology to help us learn.
Have fun exploring some of the sites that we use:

Phrase it

News In Levels


Behind the News


Padlet (previously known as Wallwisher)


The Magic Key

KS2 Bitesize English


School time Games

Grammar and Punctuation

Boom Writer

Oxford Owl

We Give Books

3 thoughts on “Literacy Links

  1. Italy
    I would like to go to Italy because I want to learn how to make their famous spaghetti so I can take it home to show my mum and make her go….WOW.

    I would also like to learn the Italian alphabet.

    • Hi Isabella, We are challenging ourselves to be the best learners we can be. We are learning about Australia and where we fit in. What are you looking forward to next year in POD 2?

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