Fruit kebab time with Cheyne and Bella

Cheyne and Bella today showed us how to make fruit kebabs. They told us it was important to soak our kebab sticks in water for a while so they wouldn’t splinter. We had lots of different fruit to choose from to make our kebab and then could chose to put yoghurt on top if we wanted. They were delicious and the girls did a great job teaching us.



In the Kitchen this week

 Earlier this week we made a beef ragu, which is a fancy bolognese, where the beef and veg have been slow cooked in the oven for 3-5hrs until the meat falls apart in the sauce. We used lots of veg including the last of the zucchinis and eggplants, also carrots and onions and garlic from the garden, oh! And plenty of herbs, fresh and dried from our garden too!
We have made lasagna and pasta -spaghetti and pici. Pici is hand rolled and is excellent for holding sauces such as ragu/bolognese.
#MathsInTheKitchen – We have discussed RATIO’S, through making white sauce/Béchamel and in making a basic pasta dough eg. For every 100g flour we use 1 egg, for pasta.

Cooking today with Melissa by Tyler

Photo 1-08-2014 12 49 00 pm

Photo 1-08-2014 11 53 47 am

Photo 1-08-2014 11 53 35 am

Photo 1-08-2014 1 01 25 pmToday I went to cooking.
We measured out flour, grated carrots and zucchini and then we had to mix it together with some cheese.
We put some indian yoghurt and cracked in some eggs into a bowl – we whisked this together and then we added this to the flour mixture.

A handy hint when you make muffins is to not stir the mixture too much.

I am going to give my muffins to dad.

What’s cooking?

Today some students from POD 2 visited our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden to select some fresh produce and then headed to the kitchen.

Working together they created a lovely lunch – Baked Semolina with napoli sauce and a lovely fresh garden salad with lemon and mustard dressing.

This is what the kids had to say after cooking.
“I enjoyed making the salad and the dressing with Yasemin’ by Ella
“That lunch was AWESOME!” By Liam
“That lunch was delicious” by Jayden B
“It was really nice and the part I loved was making the salad…cutting the tomatoes and cucumber. I also liked cooking the eggs”. by Yasemin

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