Asian Language Festival

Today students from pod 2 who have shown a keen interest in Korean got to visit the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne and participate in an Asian Language Festival with other schools from across the state.

We were taken on a quick tour of the Art Gallery before settling down to watch a performance of Asian dances.

It was a great day and everyone took home something new.

Tyler “I learnt that on when dragons are on Chinese clothing, the more claws the dragon has, the more powerful the person is.”
Lochlan “I learnt were the Art Gallery is in Melbourne.”
Jack “My favourite thing was the Vietnamese Buddhist dance that we saw at the end. It was calming.”
Zavier “I learnt about all the strange art work.”
Leah “I liked watching all the different dances.”

Asian Language Festival on PhotoPeach

Korea – here we come!

In term 2 students at Yuille Park Community College will begin to learn about Korea with a cultural and language focus.
To get ourselves ready to get started here are some great fast facts about Korea.

We are looking forward to our Korean teacher, EJ, to being working with the students and teachers next term.

Fast facts about Korea
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