Fruit kebab time with Cheyne and Bella

Cheyne and Bella today showed us how to make fruit kebabs. They told us it was important to soak our kebab sticks in water for a while so they wouldn’t splinter. We had lots of different fruit to choose from to make our kebab and then could chose to put yoghurt on top if we wanted. They were delicious and the girls did a great job teaching us.



An Eggsellent Eggsperiment in the STEAM room

Wow , what fun we had today with Trish in the STEAM room. We have been learning about our brain and how it is protected by our skull and the fluid between the brain and the skull. We had a challenge to design a protective cover for an egg (which was representing us. The yolk was our brain and the egg white was the fluid surrounding the brain and the shell was our skull), using only certain materials we needed to design something that could protect our egg when dropped at a certain height. We found all our eggsellent designs failed, as our poor little eggies cracked when they were dropped.







All eggscept one. Bella and Ella’s protective egg helmet withstood the drop test and their egg is still intact. Well done girls!!

What a week!

There is a buzz in the air this morning at school…Kids arriving at school with their bikes and HUGE smiles.
The parade is due to start at 11:30pm and then we will hit the tracks and see how many laps we can do.

This week has been a great one, with all kinds of interesting and engaging activities happening at school.

Here is a quick snapshot of what has been happening this week:
– sailing on Lake Wendouree
– RACV Energy Breakthrough training
– Discovering Australia
– Aussie Animals
– Aussie Landmarks
– Famous Aussies
– Aussie inventions
– Cooking Aussie style
– exploring decimals and fractions
– at the shops
– money, money, money
– Wii racing
and so much more!

Be sure to leave a comment or ask the kids a question about their learning this week!

Great day sailing!

Great day sailing!

Wheelathon prize

Wheelathon prize

We are all smart… but what type of smart are you???

This week we all took the Multiple Intelligence test to find out what type of smart we are and how we learn best. We found out that we are not all the same. Some of us are sport smart, music smart, some are word smart, picture smart and a few more. What type of smart are you? How do you know?

MI image

Welcome to 2013

Imagine your dream learning space

It was an exciting day at school today with all the staff coming back, catching up on holiday stories and then getting into planning for the year ahead.
For some the year will be more famillar after having spent some time in the Pod, but for many students the year ahead is completely new!
I wonder if you could sit for a moment and imagine a place where you could learn just about anything. A place where you felt safe and happy to try new things, a place where it was exciting and fun, a place where you experience success. Imagine what this learning place might look, sound, feel and smell like?
We would love to hear about this great learning place. Is it POD 2? What will we need to do to make your dreams come true?
Imagine your favourite place to learn

Imagine your dream learning space