Author of the week – The Four Seasons Kings

Welcome, this week to a guest mystery author.

The Four Season Kings was written and presented by our visiting author today in our school.

The Four Season Kings are the children of Mother Nature, and it is their role to control the seasons and in this tale of advenure we see them kidnapped by Trong and his band of Trommlins. This story is a classic tale of good triumphing over evil with Krystal, the Fairy Princess and her willing band of helpers (Pod 2A class) taking on the challenge.

Will they succeed?

Listen here to Parts 1 and 2 of ‘The Four Season Kings’

Part 1

Part 2

Are you up to a challenge? Can you design a book cover for this adventure tale, ‘Ella and the Four Season Kings’?

Have a go at creating a cover and please send us an image in the comments. Good luck 🙂 YPCC POD 2

Author of the week – listen in!

Listen to our PODCASTS – Author of the week

Each week at YPCC we will feature on of our amazing new authors as their share their stories with you.

We would love you to leave some feedback for our authors and maybe ask some questions?


This week’s story is titled, ‘The Spirit – Part 1’ and is the first of a current three episode series.

Our author this week has a great imagination and uses all he knows from reading a range of books to help him write.

We hope you enjoy – The Spirit part one – click  play here:

Queen Vic’ Market…here we come!

Tomorrow, Tuesday October 28, POD 2 will be visiting the Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne.

To get us ready to go we have a few tasks to complete.

Watch the video about the markets and be sure to pay attention – you will need to think of 3 things you have learnt from the video.

Complete the form below and and then click submit. The drawing aspect of the task will be completed in your scrapbooks. Good luck

What do you think of when you think of Australia?

Don Spencer thinks of some pretty cool Aussie things like Merino Sheep, the Barrier Reef, Crocs and thongs.

Share with us what you think of when you think of Australia.
Use the tool below which is an ‘answer garden’ and let’s see if we can grow our own little patch of Australia.

What do you think of when you think of Australia?… at

Watermelons and Seeds


Over the past week or so we’ve been talking a lot about watermelon ideas and seed ideas when we’re brainstorming for our writing.
Here is a bit of a reminder:

watermelon v seed

watermelon v seed

Now to test your skills…
Use this Padlet to think of a watermelon idea, a seed idea and three events that might happen within this idea. You might even want to use this seed to grow your next writing topic……