Angles everywhere

Ok, Angle sleuths … you have learnt a lot this week about angles so now I am giving you some online challenges to see if you can use what you have learnt to win.

The first challenge is ‘Kung Fu’ Angles – can you be the Master?

How good are you at water fights? I wonder if knowing about angles can help you?

What do you know about stars and planets? Will your knowledge of angles help you in this challenge?

And the ultimate challenge… can you measure angles with a protractor? Can you teach someone how to use a protractor? When you think you know how come and teach me. By Trish

Can you make angles with your body?

Soft Drink Crate Challenge

Soft Drink Can – Challenge

This weeks students were given a challenge of solving the ‘Great Soft Can Crate’ problem.
After a slow start in solving the problem, these mathematicians began to work with strategies to solve the problem.

Using strategies of:
• Modeling with materials
• Trial and error
• Getting the rows right then working on the columns
• Moving the board around to see the problem from different views
Enabled the students to come up with a range of solutions to the ‘Soft Drink Crate’ Problem.

If you would like to share your solution copy this table and paste it into the comment box then place an ‘X’ in the ‘cell’ of the table to show where you would place the cans.




Remember to challenge was to find as many solutions you can for 8, 16, 12, and 10 cans.

If you would like to take on an extra challenge see if you can find a solution for 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22 and 24 cans.

Are there any that are impossible?

Teach me to tell the time

Today in our Math investigation your challenge is to use the TimeMonster site to explore telling the time and then report back what you have found out.

Our learning intention today is to be able to tell the time to the quarter hour so…quarter past, half past and quarter to. You have 20 minutes to explore this site and then you task is to click on the comment button and share with the Pod what you have learnt about telling the time.

Good luck.

Time Monsters - take the challenge

Time Monsters – take the challenge

Capacity – sharing what we have discoverd

This week students in Pod 2 have been exploring CAPACITY.
We have ordered, compared, measured and solved a range of problems relating to capacity.
Today’s challenge is to explore a few online games and then comment on this post to share what you have learnt this week about capacity.

Check out the following links:
Taking measures
Maximum Capactity game – get as many Gorilla’s to the party on the top floor as possible. What do you need to be able to do to play this game?
Liquid measuring – HOODA maths
Can you fill it? CyberChase

Interpreting data

This week a new group of Pod 2 kids investigated chance by playing the beetle game.
We had conversations about how mathematicians like to gather data (information) and one way to represent this data is to use a ‘stem and leaf’ plot.
Now, it’s all very well to say and do these things …BUT it’s really important to understand the data represented and how to interpret it.
To build our skills of interpreting data we visited the BBC math site and took on some of the challenges available. The result… Kids engaged and wanting to stay inside and do math instead of going to play. This makes this teacher :). Well done, Gang!





Bugs, beetles and mathematical moments

This week in Maths investigations we played the ‘beetle game’. The kids really enjoyed the challenges of the game and were able to talk about how ‘chance’ and the ‘roll of the dice’ impacted on the game.

This is what the kids said they learned and liked in maths this week:

I liked the beetle song and I learnt to count with a tally. Aliria

I liked playing the beetle game and I learnt to draw a stem and leaf plot. Lily

I liked working with a partner and working together and having fun playing the game. I learnt the beetle song and that you don’t always roll a six when you want to. Courtney

I liked the beetle game and I learnt a new song and I learnt a new game. Alyssa

I like to play the beetle game and I learnt the stem and leaf graph. Jayden O

I liked learning about the beetle game because if was fun. Jordan

I liked the beetle song and I learnt about making a tally. Calvin


Eric the sheep – a math investigation

This week in maths we learnt about a cheeky, impatient sheep called Eric.
Eric jumped two sheep when the shearer took one to shear.
We found out how many sheep got shorn before Eric.
We used counters and toy sheep to act out the story and get the answer.
We wrote our answers in a table and saw a pattern. The pattern was in three’s.
Then we made a pictograph with little sheep.
I liked how we used the toy sheep. Emily
I liked acting out how Eric jumped over two sheep at a time. Chloe
I liked acting it out on the floor and being a sheep. Dakota
I liked drawing the pictogrpah and acting it out. Jemimah