Bugs, beetles and mathematical moments

This week in Maths investigations we played the ‘beetle game’. The kids really enjoyed the challenges of the game and were able to talk about how ‘chance’ and the ‘roll of the dice’ impacted on the game.

This is what the kids said they learned and liked in maths this week:

I liked the beetle song and I learnt to count with a tally. Aliria

I liked playing the beetle game and I learnt to draw a stem and leaf plot. Lily

I liked working with a partner and working together and having fun playing the game. I learnt the beetle song and that you don’t always roll a six when you want to. Courtney

I liked the beetle game and I learnt a new song and I learnt a new game. Alyssa

I like to play the beetle game and I learnt the stem and leaf graph. Jayden O

I liked learning about the beetle game because if was fun. Jordan

I liked the beetle song and I learnt about making a tally. Calvin


Bug out

This week a group of student in POD 2 have been exploring maths through bugs!

Did you know ants are a great tool for counting by 3s and 6s and spiders are excellent for counting by 8s?

We have been working on our strategies to help us solve problems and have focussed on drawing diagrams, making models and working backward to solve problems. We used number lines to help us count as well.

One thing some students noticed was the pattern of 4, 8, 2, 6, 0 when counting by 4s.

Check out our video showing our bugs below.