Measure your pasta!

This week in the Kitchen we made and measured we pasta sheets!

Tahlia 76.6cm
Scott 63 cm
Kelly 71 cm
Zaviar 66.7 cm
Jett 65.3 cm
Angel 105 cm
Koby 72 cm
Jorja 80cm
Tahlia 90cm
Nelly 60 cm

We cut and hand rolled the pasta, before tossing through some Kale, broccoli, chilli, garlic and lemon juice. Yum!

Words and numbers

Over the last few weeks the kids in POD 2 have had a real focus on learning NEW words. Learning new words helps us to extend our vocabulary (the words we use) and helps us with our reading, writing and the way we communicate with others.

This week we played a few games to consolidate the meaning and synonyms for a range of words we have been focussing on. The game was great fun and we hope to have round two this week.

We also took on the role of architect’s and took on the challenge to create building scapes using a key and then drawing the front and side views. Working backwards from the views to develop the key was a bit tricky, but as you can tell by the images below all the kids were having a great attempt at solving the challenge. Keep up the great work!

How do you learn new words? What might be a fun way to help us learn? Share your ideas by clicking on the comment button. 🙂

Division rules – what I learnt today

I was successful on mathletics today doing the divisibility rules tasks. I used Google to search for divisibility rules.

I found out that all even numbers are divisible by 2.

I found out that if you add up the digits in a number and that new number can be divided by 3 then it is divisible by 3.

For example: 316 = 3 + 1 + 6 = 10 so can you divide 10 by 3 with no remainder? The answer is NO, so 316 IS NOT divisble by 3.

lets try 912. So, 912 = 9 + 1 + 2 = 12 – can you divide 12 by 3. The answer is YES. So you can divide 914 by 3 and the answer is 304.

You can find the divisibility rules here.

By Tom and Trish


Easter Tangrams

Today we got into the spirit and fun of Easter by making Easter tangrams!!

Our learning intention was simple; to create Easter shapes or objects out of a variety of different shapes such as: squares, hexagons, equilateral triangles, trapeziums, and diamonds and trace our creations into our Maths book as evidence of our learning.

The room was an absolute mess once we’d finished but boy we had some fun… ohh and learnt about all the different ways that we can see 2D shapes.


Easter Tangram on PhotoPeach

We’d love to know what you think of our Easter tangrams! What would you make if you had the opportunity to do this in your classroom?

Ice Cream Problem

This week a group of student in POD 2 have been exploring maths and combinations through ice cream flavours!

We met Bianca Smith who owns an ice cream shop and who has too much vanilla, mint and banana ice cream and wants to sell it all before the cold weather hits.

We used unifix cubes to help her explore all the different combination of the three flavours that she could use and then we wrote and drew our findings like Mathematicians do.


Tomorrow we’re asking “What if?”…

If you would like to have a go at a similar challenge we found one on Mathletics: Log on, click ‘problem solving’ on the right hand side, then ‘combination’ and ‘I scream Lady’.