What’s cooking?

Today some students from POD 2 visited our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden to select some fresh produce and then headed to the kitchen.

Working together they created a lovely lunch – Baked Semolina with napoli sauce and a lovely fresh garden salad with lemon and mustard dressing.

This is what the kids had to say after cooking.
“I enjoyed making the salad and the dressing with Yasemin’ by Ella
“That lunch was AWESOME!” By Liam
“That lunch was delicious” by Jayden B
“It was really nice and the part I loved was making the salad…cutting the tomatoes and cucumber. I also liked cooking the eggs”. by Yasemin

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Michael Jordan – Ethan

Michael Jordan


 My name is Ethan. When I grow up I want to be just like Michael Jordan.  I really look up to him. He is my favourite player. I have been doing a lot of work on Michael Jordan. The projects that Tim and I have been learning about are his life and his hobbies.


We also have been doing a math’s project where we shoot from the free throw line 10 times over 10 rounds. Then we graphed our results. I beat my helper Tim easily! We have been watching couple of videos too. We have  been seeing Michael Jordan slam dunk. I did a movie review on Space Jam. So that’s what I been learning about.

I’ve added some pictures of my work.