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This term in the STEAM room, POD 2 students have been learning about the relationship between flowers and insects. We wondered, “are they friends or foes?” I wonder what most people would choose? We also took on the challenge of learning many new scientific words to help us understand and explain what is happening in this area of science. Take this quiz to show yourself and me, just how clever you are!

How the earth was made?

Wow, this is a really big question!

This week students from Pod 2 have visited the Earth Ed centre in Ballarat to begin exploring Earth sciences. The students had the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ with lots of different activities relating to the earth. As the term continues, students will be exploring the earth and the impact of both nature and humans on our home planet.

This video describes how scientists think the earth was made. What do you think?


Today in science we explored polymers.

Polymers are long chains of molecules linked together in chains.

We made ‘human polymer chains’ and we could see how they link together.

We also made ‘crazy putty’ which was gooey and fun. If you would like to make this at home check out how to do it here.

Crazy Putty

What was your favourite experiment this week? Tell us why.

What’s all the fuss about science?

Did you ever wonder how they make fogg in movies?
Do you know how we grow?
Why are dogs noses wet?
How do rockets take off?

These are pretty big questions and to find the answers we need to be both investigators and scientists.

This term we have been having a little taste of a range of science experiments to help to get us thinking and asking question like a scientist would.

How strong is an egg?
How does liquid effect sugar?
What is a polymer?
What is a chemical reaction?

Check out the video below and comment about what you saw and what did it make you think about. What BIG science question do you have? Ask it here and see if a friend might help you find the answer.

Also, check out these cool science sites to see what you can find out. Share what you find interesting by commenting on this post.
Science Questions – is one of these yours?
Discovery Kids – Science questions and answers

What is science?

That is a BIG question! So, what is science?

The Berkeley Educationwebsite says, “The word ‘science’ probably brings to mind many different pictures: a fat textbook, white lab coats and microscopes, an astronomer peering through a telescope, a naturalist in the rainforest, Einstein’s equations scribbled on a chalkboard, the launch of the space shuttle, bubbling beakers …. All of those images reflect some aspect of science, but none of them provides a full picture because science has so many facets. This term we hope to explore a range of  ‘scientific ideas’ and to get us started check out this video.



Having thought a little about what science might be write in the answer garden below what you would like to learn about during our scientific explorations.

What area of science would you like to learn about?… at