Infer your way out of this one!

Good readers make inferences! This means that when they are reading they are able to work out things in the text they are reading that the author sometimes does not say.
To be able to predict and infer is a skill good readers need to develop and often later in the text they can confirm their predictions or inferences.

Are you up to a challenge? Take on the Detective Notebook challenge here and check out other links below. Good luck!

Are you a reading detective?

Are you a reading detective?

Making connections – check these stories and see what connections are made

Visualising – making pictures in your head from the text

Fridge magnet game – can you make these sentences make sense?

Try these ones ... are you able to infer?

We are all smart… but what type of smart are you???

This week we all took the Multiple Intelligence test to find out what type of smart we are and how we learn best. We found out that we are not all the same. Some of us are sport smart, music smart, some are word smart, picture smart and a few more. What type of smart are you? How do you know?

MI image

Check out these great posters

Last week the students in POD 2 were given the challenge of creating a poster to show the rules and other information relating to the video of the new and exciting game, AFL 9s.

Most of our students made a great start with the task so I thought I’d share a few examples so you have an idea of what you can do. Congratulations to Warren, Chloe and Cory for having your work featured on the blog.

Chloe C

I’m looking forward to seeing the posters the rest of the POD creates.