We are all smart… but what type of smart are you???

This week we all took the Multiple Intelligence test to find out what type of smart we are and how we learn best. We found out that we are not all the same. Some of us are sport smart, music smart, some are word smart, picture smart and a few more. What type of smart are you? How do you know?

MI image

Glogging along to share our learning

In term 3 the students in POD 2 spent a few weeks finding out about different aspects of Australia. We looked at the history of Australia through the ‘First Australians’ and ‘Bad men’, Australian science, Australia at the Olympics and Australian young inventors through the Lego Robotics team.

Each student spent a little time getting a ‘taste’ for each area and then chose an area of passion for learning. To share their learning students created Glogsters.

Glogsters are interactive web based posters that can include text, images and video. They can be personalised and are pretty funky.

Check out some of the great work completed by our students.
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