Author of the week – listen in!

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Each week at YPCC we will feature on of our amazing new authors as their share their stories with you.

We would love you to leave some feedback for our authors and maybe ask some questions?


This week’s story is titled, ‘The Spirit – Part 1’ and is the first of a current three episode series.

Our author this week has a great imagination and uses all he knows from reading a range of books to help him write.

We hope you enjoy – The Spirit part one – click  play here:

Who am I?

We have been learning about what makes special. We watched Harry Potter and Sid from Toy Story to help us think about what people are like.

Today we did our own sorting hat.

This is what I am like on the inside:

Brave, smart, kind, chatter box, strong, fun, funny, friendly and courageous.

I made a wordle about me.
Tyler Gr 3

typing up my traits my wordle tyler's hat




The ‘WRITE’ tool for the job!

Over the past week we have been learning about the Anzac’s and have been using writer’s tools to record notes, keywords and ideas. We have had a number of discussions where we have shared what we are learning and this has helped to build an image in our minds to really understand what happened at Anzac Cove on April 25, 1915.

Today was a day of celebration! Using our word webs as a tool for writing our students were able to experience success in writing independently about Jack Simpson and his famous donkey, Duffy.

We had some students write sentence after sentence as they chose different words from their web to include in their writing and we also had students writing paragraphs by planning the sequence of words from their web.

Tell us how the word web helped you with your writing.

Listen to Adrian read about jack simpson here

Word Webs – a writing tool

This week in POD 2 we have been focusing on writing word webs as a tool to help our writing.

Word Webs are keywords and ideas about a topic linked to a main idea. Word webs can be pretty simple or can become fairly complex.

Today, the students in 2B watched a BTN episode about ‘War animals’ and then made a word web showing the key ideas presented in the story. Continue reading