Travel Bugs

This page will help you are we travel across the world.

As we travel we are trying to find out the answers to these focus questions:

1. What are the unique features of the countries we explore?

2. What influence does living near the equator have on climate and lifestyles (the way people live)?

3. Why do people move/travel around the world?

4. What is similiar/different about the country we live in and the countries we visit.



Fifth leg of our World Tour – Antarctica

BTN Antarctica

Antarctic wildlife

Earth Facts Antarctica – Science Kids

Oddizzi facts

Antarctic webcams

My time in Antarctica – blog post

Fourth leg of our World Tour – Italy

Great information on Italy here

Country facts for kids – Italy

Third leg of our World Tour – Brazil

The Mixed up Chameleon

The Three Toed sloth

Tropical rainforests

Brazil – World travel guide for kids

Brazil – Fun Facts

Brazil – Time for kids

Brazil – Oocites


Second leg of our World Tour – India

Introduction to India 

India Fact File – National Geographic

More facts on India – Oocites

Woodlands Research Site – India

Country Facts – India

First leg of our World Tour – China 

Video  – Introduction to China (10 mins)

Video – China Kids – a BTN story

Research site 1

Research site 2

Cool facts about China

Travel Bugs

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